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AR-15 Ambidextrous 80 Lower

(35 customer reviews)

Original price was: $180.00.Current price is: $175.00.

Are you a left-handed shooter? Are you a right-handed shooter looking to speed things up? Our AR-15 Ambidextrous 80 Lower Starter Pack is for you!

AR-15 Ambidextrous 80 Lower and Safety Bundle – Ambi Starter Pack

Firstly, are you a left-handed shooter? Are you a right-handed shooter looking to speed things up? Our AR-15 Ambidextrous 80 Lower Starter Pack is for you!

In addition to that, our Ambi lower provides a refreshing take on our standard AR15 design, featuring contoured cuts and an ambidextrous bolt release, and also packing additional adjustment features. It’s even the same weight as our slimmer, classic lower!

Included with the lower is our 80% Arms Ambi Safety Lever. Made from glass-reinforced nylon, it’s suited for those looking to shave those last few ounces. It has an adjustable 90/60 degree throw that can also be set without removing the safety cylinder!

Take advantage of its extremely wide aftermarket support to customize and fully tailor your build. We manufacture our high-quality lowers using industry-leading CNC machines, which produce very tight tolerances.

We manufacture our 80% lower receivers with US-sourced aerospace grade 6061 aluminum. The material is more durable, resistant to corrosion, and yet much easier to mill than any other alloy. Combining our 80% lowers with the Easy Jig® Gen 3 and Freedom Jig Router will set you up for an even smoother and more successful build process.


  • CNC Milled 6061 Aluminum Construction

  • Broached/Flared Magwell

  • Integrated Trigger Guard

  • Threaded Bolt Catch Screw Hole

  • Threaded Rear Takedown Pin Detent Hole

  • Enhanced Fire/Safe Engraving

  • Adjustable Trigger Pre-Travel Takeup

  • Upper/Lower Receiver Tensioner

  • Completed Rear Takedown Lug Pocket

  • 80% Arms Ambi Safety Selector

  • Full Mil-Spec Parts Compatibility

  • Includes Bolt Catch Screw Set and Ambi Hardware Set

Please note: The Bolt Catch is not included but is displayed in photos to represent Ambi-specific features. Compatible with Easy Jig® Gen 2 and Gen 3. Not compatible with Easy Jig® Gen 1 or Universal Drill Press Jig. Get the AR-15 Ambidextrous 80 Lower.

80 Percent Arms Broker strives to provide the highest level of customer service within the 80% and firearm industry as a whole. We support all of our products with a lifetime warranty, so you can build with confidence.

Finally, you can always expect prompt and educational information, as customer satisfaction is our bread and butter. For any questions or concerns regarding our products, please contact us at either or message us via our live chat!

35 reviews for AR-15 Ambidextrous 80 Lower

  1. Aaron C.

    I could not be happier with the product.

  2. Andrew O.

    Great quality material used to make this lower

  3. Diablo 2.

    Great product anyone with a little skill can do.

  4. Winfield P.

    Always a great experience buying from

  5. Steve

    Excellent products

  6. Winfield P.

    Awesome set up. Would purchase again

  7. Manuel H.

    Worked perfect

  8. Winfield P.

    I’m happy with this end mill. The cuts look like professional quality.

  9. Joseph M.

    Happy with it.

  10. Ron G.

    Outstanding jig. Period.

  11. Dennis K.

    Works like a charm

  12. John V.

    Works great perfectly !

  13. Paul P.

    I love tools that do what they should and jig and ready mill do just that.

  14. Manuel H.

    Highly recommend it to anyone interested in finishing their 80% lowers.

  15. Henruy Matty

    Easy to use.

  16. Pan head J.

    Honestly the best investment I’ve ever made.

  17. Joseph

    Absolutely no issues with any orders thus far

  18. Diablo 2.

    This is by far the best milling tooling around. Build quality is superior to other vendors…

  19. John V.

    All milling come nice and clean cut s nice when moving slow and looks as good as any I have bought from a shop

  20. Dennis K.

    I have never had a problem with any of them.

  21. Panhead J.

    I have made lowers on my end mill, my first time I used the 5D jig I was stunned at how nice the lowers came out.

  22. Steve Mendy

    The first ready mill I purchased I cut 11 lowers. 8 forged and 3 billet lowers. It provided an excellent finish. I then purchased a second ready mill and cut 2 more billet lowers. This ready mill provides an excellent finish and I highly recommend it to finish your 80 per cent lower receiver .

  23. John P.

    This lower is as easy as it seems

  24. Donald H.

    Very nice. Quality plus.

  25. Roger M.

    80% lower is awesome waiting on the 40 S&W upper to start the build

  26. Audie S.

    Looks great, nice matte finish.

  27. Audie S.

    Fast shipping and great service! Thanks Guys

  28. Brian L.

    Now I just need to find an upper to fit!

  29. Eric B.

    Nice piece. Turned out great.

  30. Brad W.

    Seems to be quality part and will be ordering a few more.

  31. Bradine Wyne

    As expected, good quality

  32. Beau K.

    I haven’t started on it yet but if it’s like the other 80% of all. It’s gonna be just fine.

  33. Phillip D.

    Great product as always

  34. Phillip D.

    I really like the idea of using the same mags as my Glock. It went together and the pivot and take down pins lined up perfectly with my upper assembly. The quality was very good and may have to build another one.

  35. Stephen B.

    Great customer service, polite staff and really informative of their products. Fast delivery! Highly recommend and will definitely be regular customer.

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