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Ambi Safety Selector

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You can set this ambidextrous safety for either a 90/60 degree selectable throw without needing to remove the cylinder from the lower receiver.

Introducing the 80% Arms Ambi Safety Selector.

You can set this Ambi Safety Selector for either a 90/60 degree selectable throw without needing to remove the cylinder from the lower receiver. If you prioritize weight savings, we make these levers of glass reinforced nylon to provide the ultimate lightweight experience. You can configure it for right- and left-handed shooters!

Here is an instruction manual for easy installation on your lower!

Notes for Customers:

  • The 60-degree short throw is for safety compatibility with the entire tolerance range of mil-spec AR triggers.
  • This ambidextrous Safety Selector will work on any AR15, AR10/AR308, or AR9 mil-spec lower receiver!
  • When installing to your 80 lower, we recommend applying Blue Loctite to the Torx screws beforehand.

28 reviews for Ambi Safety Selector

  1. Gregory W.

    Great quality! Mills great!

  2. Taylor Christy.

    I love tools that do what they should and jig and ready mill do just that.

  3. Gregory W.

    Can’t say enough good about this product.lower milled out very nice

  4. Taylor C.

    Happy with it.

  5. Dennis K.

    This is by far the best milling tooling around. Build quality is superior to other vendors…

  6. Curtis G.

    Easy to use.

  7. Nate M.

    Works like a charm

  8. Eric C.

    All milling come nice and clean cut s nice when moving slow and looks as good as any I have bought from a shop

  9. Eric Cris

    Works perfectly well!!

  10. Joshua H.

    These are high quality end mill bits. I have never had a problem with any of them.

  11. Chuck A.

    Great quality material used to make this

  12. Dennis K.

    Great product anyone with a little skill can do.

  13. Shane B.

    Worked perfect

  14. Alan G.

    Highly recommend it to anyone interested in finishing their 80% lowers.

  15. Taylor Christy.

    Absolutely no issues with any orders thus far

  16. Gregory W.

    Always a great experience buying from you

  17. Dale P.

    Excellent products

  18. Kris D

    excellent service packaged well no headaches very satisfied with my purchase

  19. Henruy

    keep up the good work

  20. Jeremy Mavin

    will defiantly be buying more

  21. Frank K.

    Very nice. Quality plus.

  22. Roger M.

    Fast shipping and great service! Thanks Guys

  23. NICK E.

    Nice piece

  24. Travis M.

    Nice piece. Turned out great.

  25. Travis M.

    Seems to be quality part and will be ordering a few more.

  26. Travis Jordan

    As expected, good quality

  27. Phillip D.

    Great product as always

  28. Gregory W.

    works great and does everything that was expected of it.

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